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YT28 Rock Drill Series: (faults and troubleshooting methods)

If you encounter problems when using the YT28 air-leg rock drill, please try to solve it according to the methods provided below.  

Fault category Reason How to eliminate
Drilling speed decreased Working air pressure is too low 1. Check the air supply system of the air compressor and ensure the output pressure .
2. Appropriately reduce the number of rock drills working at the same time, or reduce other gas-consuming operations.
3. Check if there is any leakage in the pipeline, and deal with it.
4. Shorten the length of the gas pipeline (the length of the gas pipe should be controlled within 15 meters), and replace the gas pipe and valve switch whose aperture does not meet the requirements.
Poor lubrication Inject oil according to regulations, and ensure that the oil path of the oil injector is unobstructed. It is strictly forbidden to work without lubrication or use grease lubrication
Incorrect shank size The length of the shank should be 108±1mm, and it should be corrected if it is too long or too short.
Part failure Replace failed parts in time.
The waterway is not clear, water is leaking from the end of the machine head or water is poured into the machine 1. Replace the broken water needle in time.  
2. The center hole of the drill rod is blocked or too small, and the drill rod should be replaced.
3. The diameter of the water needle does not meet the specifications (generally not less than 3 mm), the water needle should be replaced.
4. The water pressure is higher than the air pressure, causing high-pressure water to flow back into the machine and destroy the normal lubrication of the machine. At this time, the water pressure must be lowered.
Insufficient thrust of the air leg or poor expansion and contraction 1. The rubber wrist of the air leg is worn or loose, and it must be replaced or reassembled in time.
2. The frame body and the outer tube are loose, causing the upper and lower chambers to blow through. The frame body must be tightened.
3. The seal is damaged or lost and should be replaced.
4. The expansion ring of the pressure regulating valve is worn out and cannot be accurately positioned and should be replaced.
5. The reversing valve is worn or the reversing valve snap ring (YT24-3.01) is missing, which causes the reversing valve to be shifted. Parts should be replaced and supplemented.
6. The trigger is worn, the stroke is not enough when the reversing valve is compressed, and the air leg is not easy to retract. The trigger should be replaced.
Excessive machine vibration 1. The air leg and the ground support angle is too large or the thrust is insufficient, resulting in a large recoil force of the machine, the angle should be changed to increase the thrust.
2. The shank bushing is worn too much, causing the machine to swing, and the shank bushing should be replaced.
3. The bending of the drill rod causes unstable operation, and the straight drill rod should be replaced.
Broken water needle Seriously piled up at the small end of the piston Replace the piston
Large matching clearance between the shank and the shank When the size of the hexagonal opposite sides in the shank sleeve is severely worn, it must be replaced in time
The center hole of the shank is not correct or does not meet the size requirements The shank should be trimmed as required
Failure of air-water linkage The water pressure is too high Take measures to reduce the pressure.
Air and water paths are blocked Inspect and remove blockages in gas, water pipes, filling valve bodies, and waterways.
Fatigue failure of water injection valve spring Replace the spring
The air barrier and water aprons are ineffective Check and replace the seals
Corrosion Clean and remove rust